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- Glasses
- Audiosystem
- Blankets
Life jackets
- Life jackets
We adhere to our standards, so no matter the size of the vessel - make sure it is equipped with all the necessary lifesaving equipment and amenities

Available voyages on speedboat Maxum 25 ft

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How many days in advance should one book a voyage?
We recommend booking a yacht, boat, or ship in advance. Demand for rentals on weekends and holidays is high, so we advise you to plan ahead to ensure that your preferred option is available at your desired time and date.

Typically, they are booked:

- for weddings: 2 weeks to 6 months in advance
- for graduations: 2 weeks to 5 months in advance
- for corporate events: 1 week to 1 month in advance
- for birthdays: 1 day to 2 weeks in advance
- for leisure trips: same day to 14 days in advance

We can assist you with food and service, flower delivery, finding the best host and photographer, as well as coordinating festive decorations.
What is a voyage?
Voyage is a thoughtfully planned water journey with a scenic route, gastronomic accompaniment and an unobtrusive guide's story along the way. After our voyages, guests always leave in a relaxed and uplifted state of mind!
How to book a voyage?
Voyages can be booked online directly on the website!
Choose the voyage you are interested in and then scroll down the page, choosing from the boats and yachts you like. Then enter your data and leave a deposit. Voyage is booked!

If something on the website goes wrong — you can always book by writing to us in messengers or calling.
What is required to make a booking?
As a guarantee of booking we take a security deposit. You can pay this amount when paying for the trip on the website, or you can pay via a link when communicating in messengers.

Describe your request and we will make it happen!

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